Friday, September 13, 2013

Heading West...

Next stop: Cheyenne, Wyoming!  Here's the artist, Caesar, talking to a reporter, and a shot of the cars front of the statehouse.

The event was quite a success!  We even talked to the mayor, who happened by during the event.  Here we are back on the road again.  The landscape starts to get really interesting - first it's plains, then it gets really arid and mountainous, like nothing I've ever seen before.

Onward! To Salt Lake City for our last event before the epic push to Seattle.  Here's some shots of the cars in front of city hall:

This was a great event, and generated some very positive press coverage that inspired us on the long haul that followed- check it out!

I also got some nice shots from the OCD van as the cars came by - it's amazing that we've been on tour so long, and the appeal of seeing these cars cruising down the road still hasn't worn off:

After Salt Lake City, we have a LOOOONG push all the way to Seattle so that we can arrive in time for a protest outside the Grocery Manufacturers Association Meeting - at which GMOs were not to be mentioned, despite a focus on sustainability.  We had to rotate drivers, we stopped for a few hours sleep in a hotel, we had a lovely group dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and finally: WE HAVE ARRIVED!!!! 
Here is Rica atop the soybean in downtown Seattle, where we parked across the street from the Yes on 522 protest/rally.
So, after four breakdowns, a few meltdowns, many delicious meals, beautiful sunsets, and not enough sleep - WE DID IT!!

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