Friday, September 13, 2013


So I lost my camera at Hempfest...meaning you'll have to use your imagination (gasp!) for these next couple of blog entries.

If you don't know, Seattle Hempfest is the largest pro-cannabis rally in the country; they have vendors and speakers and music and it's right on the waterfront.  Some of us from the tour worked during the event, manning the booth for Dr. Bronner's and Vote Hemp or hanging out by the fishy cars that we brought inside. I had a great time talking to everyone about Yes on 522, the GMO labeling initiative in Washington State.  If you want to know more, check out my interview in the first tour blog entry, or watch David Bronner and his family talk about the initiative on their website.  And, if you want to make a contribution to the campaign, please click here.  If we can pass the initiative in Washington State it will be a great example for the rest of the country so please tell all your friends there to get out and vote!

I also worked in the Dr. Bronner's booth talking about the soap and other products.  As a burner who exists in a land of decommodification, it felt pretty weird at first to be repping a product.  But, given that I both use and love the soap and that the company does so many great things with their profits, I'm cool with it.  Actually a meme came out of my conversations about this:

In addition to working, I also got to hang out with friends and colleagues in the drug policy movement.  (If you ever run into trouble or have a cannabusiness in Portland, check out my best friend from law school at  It was pretty strange seeing lawyers that I know from the NORML Legal Committee conferences, now that I've left my career as a criminal defense lawyer to take a sabbatical as a homeless backpacker (with dredlocks).

I even had a friend who was speaking at the event, so I got to be on stage for one of the 4:20 celebrations, which was pretty wild.  It felt more like being in Amsterdam than the United States.  But hey, recreational use is now legal in Washington State, and things really are changing for the better.  It's so wonderful to see, and I now believe we really will see the end of cannabis prohibition nationwide - and soon.

After Hempfest, I find out that I can get into Burning Man early - the night before we leave. EEP!  It's a bit of a scramble to get ready but we are back on the road on Tuesday, August 20th.

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