Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Indianapolis Dance Party and Chicago Soyride

So the fishy tour stop Indianapolis, where we managed to get to the event early! and have an impromptu dance party (that's Shanna Bananna, Dan Rabbitt, and Damien you see there, Shannon is hiding behind Dan in this picture):

We had a really nice potluck event with TONS of delicious non-GMO food, and there was:
Live Music:
Hooping,and Dancing in the Rain.
(you can see I've been playing with the html code here! yay multiple pictures in one line)

As we left Indianapolis, some hilarity (get your hot box then step next door from some wild beaver!)

Then we had to find our campground and got lost on this spooky haunted bridge:

Our event in the southside of Chicago was the site of my major meltdown of the trip: "oh, we don't need to stop, we're almost there!"; followed by not being able to find our event; followed by the gas station attendant telling me they don't have a bathroom ("WHAT THE F*&K DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE A BATHROOM!?"), leads to a very unhappy Monster. As I walked away, toward the McDonalds six blocks away (they definitely have a bathroom), my friend insisted that we shouldn't be walking around in this particular neighborhood.  I felt like we were conspicuous enough that no one would bother us (can you imagine the testimony? "as we walked away from the giant tomato...."), and having been a criminal defense attorney in Baltimore City, I've been in far worse neighborhoods.  Luckily a very nice man who lived across the street from the gas station came to the rescue and let us use the facilities in his home. Of course, if the worst thing that happens on the tour is that I have to piss, I really don't have much to complain about, eh? 

The event itself was lovely, we were in an old industrial waste site that has been re-purposed to serve as a community garden.

Here is one of our drivers, Grahambot, hanging out in one of the unwanted boats that they are converting into planters: 

And here are all the other cars, as seen from on top of the soybean, "swimming" around the garden:

Here's a group shot of all the cars and (almost) the whole team!  From the left: Mason, four local activists (sorry I don't have the names), Isabelle, Ben, two local activists, Felix, Nicholas, Sarah, Dan, Grahambot, Rica, Damien, Shanna, Adam, Shireese and I, a local activist, Caesar (the artist), Shannon, and Chris.

We also took the cars out around the neighborhood and visited another community garden and met some local kids who were celebrating Ramadan.  The apple was their favorite car.  It was great to bring these cars out to support their efforts to grow healthy, natural foods in a neighborhood that is a food desert. 

Shireese and I even got to ride on the fishy soybean (hopefully i'll be able to post a video of this soon):
Thanks to our embedded reporter, Daisy Alioto, for this photo.

Speaking of Shireese, she was very helpful on the tour, from manning the walkie talkie we used to communicate between cars, to helping drive the OCD van.  She even spoke at some of our events!

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