Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Into the Maw of the Beast

Well, St. Louis goes by in a blur,
but I have always wanted to see this:

But we have to get to the main event at Monsanto!  Talk about going into the Maw of the Beast!  I think we are all a little nervous about it.  It feels like we have driven by nothing but cornfields for MILES and now we are going to the headquarters of one of the most evil of companies (these are the folks who brought you Agent Orange, in addition to being the biggest profiter from GMOs), and in the back of my mind I'm wondering if we are going to end up getting arrested. Our evening event is a success and we get to have dinner and watch videos from the trip thus far.  Although the police won't let us camp, we come back in the morning to do our press conference and protest.

Here's Ben and Adam, our fearless leader (note the unusual adopt a highway sign): We were also joined by some "Moms Against Monsanto, who brought their daughters, too:

(Look! Actual photo allignment! Thanks Homeland)

The big news at the press conference was Adam announcing, for the first time ever, his shareholder resolution!  Because he owns enough stock in Monsanto, he can propose a resolution and the Board has to address it (and give their reason if they reject it), by law.  Really cool right?  (You know you're a law nerd when shareholder resolutions get you all hot and bothered lol).  Anyway, the resolution basically throws the company's transparency claims and the fact that they are supposed to be proud of their products back at them, and says that the company will support labeling efforts. You can read the full text here.

Here I am in one of my favorite pictures of the tour, with the Bananas (Shanna Banana and Shannon Banana):

The only really negative reaction I got the whole tour is when some suit guy in a huge black SUV flips me off as we're holding signs.  We get a lot of friendly and supportive honks and waves though, apparently even here there are a lot of people who support our cause.

As we drive off into the sunset, the cars silhouettes create a striking image, especially the apple, which I try and capture from the front seat of the OCD van (which, incidentally, is a lovely place to watch the sunset from).  I must admit, however, that Grahambot took a far superior picture, one that is really the iconic picture of the trip, to which I will have to link on instagram.

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