Friday, September 13, 2013

Swimming high in Denver, CO

As we approach Denver, we drive through the most intense lightening storm I've ever seen!  While it's impossible to capture how crazy it really was, here's a shot of the sky; you can really see the rain coming down.

Our event in Denver was another potluck with local activists.  They've been meeting every week for about six years and just got their own space, which is quite impressive.  We went to a wine tasting first, which was great, although they really weren't sure what to make of Shireese.  We were all really excited because we had a day off scheduled for the next day.
Here's Adam with the fishy corn right after we all arrived in Denver:

And yes, that's a llama - Dolly the llama, in fact - her owner takes her our to attract attention so he can talk to strangers about GMOs (a technique with which we are quite familiar by now!):

It's true! When we got to Denver, there was a double rainbow (actually, it turned out to be a triple rainbow, because the bottom rainbow was actually two right on top of each other). Again, like the video, the camera can't capture how awesome it was. Between the fishy cars, the llama and goat, Shireese and the rainbows, this was one of the most surreal and beautiful moments of my life.

Here's a shot of our press person, Jazmin, as she's being interviewed by our videographer, Robin:

Some more rainbow shots!

And if things couldn't get any better, we got a SUPRISE! visit from my (formerly) east coast friends Fenton and Jimmy!!

On my day off I got to spend some (much needed) time alone out in nature on a stunningly beautiful hike:

It was actually a pretty intense hike!  Afterward we had a nice dinner at Rica's brother's home - thanks Patrick for hosting us!  It was sooo nice to have a moment to relax and recharge.  And here we go:

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